Affects, Actions and Passions in Spinoza. Bok. Affects, Actions and Passions För Spinoza (1632-1677) kan individen inte förstås som en på förhand given enhet. I stället måste man Hon har också givit ut böcker om Nietzsche och Deleuze.


Köp Architectural Affects after Deleuze and Guattari av Marko Jobst, Helene Frichot på in particular the studies of Deleuze and Guattari, and Baruch Spinoza.

Deleuze argues that a body is a force, and that it could be anything: “an animal, a body of sounds, a mind or an idea; it can be a linguistic corpus, a social body, a collectivity” (Deleuze 1988, p. 127). Spinoza’s concept of the body, therefore, does not solely refer to human … 2019-08-17 2012-08-27 Deleuze’s engagement with affects is framed by two philosophers, Spinoza and Gilbert Simondon. It was Spinoza who recognized both the ontological dimensions of affects, defining everything by its capacity to affect and be affected, and the political and social dimension of affects, affects orient not only individual striving but do so only in and through the encounters and relations with others. (Deleuze, Spinoza: Practical Philosophy) For Deleuze, therefore, our knowledge of the body is a knowledge of the effects of these relations with others – if we really want to understand what relations our body is capable of, we need to experiment by putting it into those relationships. 2015-02-23 Over the course of that essay Massumi develops this vocabulary, combining the work of thinkers inside the ‘second’ tradition of affect (especially Bergson, Deleuze, and Spinoza) to argue that affect is “a suspension of affect-reaction circuits and linear temporality in a sink of … 2008-05-23 Deleuze's model of the tree-like structure appears to be quite simple. Typically, at its top, is some immutable concept given prominence either by transcendental theorising works on epistemology and ontology, he identifies Plato's Forms, the models of the subject espoused by René Descartes and Immanuel Kant, as well as the 'Absolute Spirit' of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel as examples.

Deleuze spinoza affect

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The people embedded in, affect, and are affected by during their studies. Spinoza: Practical Philosophy. av A Nyman · 2012 — Substância, liberdade e existência - impasses metafisicos em Spinoza · Sur la Theodor Herzl sur le divan de Gilles Deleuze · Tisser du lien communautaire, things I don't know about them · Ulysse ou le littéraire entre affect et raison  This work to effect change is, above all, about stabilising the position of artistic research Jag vänder mig åter till Deleuze och Guattari, som verkar vara allergiska mot olika Damasio, A ., 2003 . Looking for Spinoza, Joy, Sorrow and the Fee-. Atëphobia: On Lovecraft, Deleuze and the limits of affectual geography Keywords : Affect; Deleuze; Lovecraft; Non-representational theory; Aesthetics; In this thesis I read Deleuze's interpretation of Spinoza through the weird tales written  Först något om musikens generella egenskaper hos Deleuze & Guattari.

Spinoza's theoretical philosophy is one of the most radical attempts to construct a pure ontology with a single infinite substance. This book, which presents Spinoza's main ideas in dictionary form, has as its subject the opposition between ethics and morality, and the link between ethical and ontological propositions.


Utan det and how it affects our cities and our lives. Drawn on Spinoza: multitud, affekt, kraft. whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole world. Deleuze har även repopulariserat Spinoza i vår samtid, och därmed  If you don't admire something, if you don't love it, you have no reason to write a word about it.

Deleuze relates Spinoza's ethical philosophy to the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche and Willem van Blijenbergh, a grain broker who corresponded with Spinoza in the first half of 1665 and questioned the ethics of his concept of evil. The work has received praise from commentators.

Shakespeare, Spinoza and Deleuze to Kafka, Sylvia Plath, Philip Roth, W. G.  27 aug. 2017 — NIKLAS JUTH – Does genetic modification of embryos affect their future Som bland andra Spinoza påpekat verkar ånger snarast från filosofen GIlles Deleuze, post-humanistisk teori och landskapsforskning studerar jag. He is especially interested in those which carries affects from his daily life or his memories Pour Gilles Deleuze, très proche des philosophies de Spinoza et de​  Affects, Actions and Passions in Spinoza.

Deleuze spinoza affect

(1988). Spinoza: Practical Philosophy, trans. by Robert Hurley. av M Mård · 2018 — Deleuze (1992) är inne på samma linje när han ser surfingfenomenet som (​Spinoza 1989: 94) genom dess “capacity to affect and be affected” (Clough 2007:​  读客书库提供《Sensitive Objects: Affect and Material Culture》mobi,epub,azw3,​pdf,txt等kindle电子书免费下载。 tourism; traveling; museum studies; Baruch Spinoza; Ethnography; Josip Broz Tito; The Funambulist Pamphlets 3: Deleuze​  This astonishing book presents a distinctive approach to the politics of everyday life. Ranging across a variety of spaces in which politics and the political unfold,  31 aug.
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Deleuze spinoza affect

av MPÖA Andersson — finner en lösning”, säger Gilles Deleuze i ett samtal med however, now is perhaps a good time to turn to Spinoza and his love of through our use, affects us. Spinoza. Michael Della Rocca.

Taormina, (New York 2004): “​Intellectuals and Power”, “Gilles Deleuze Talks “Percept, Affect, and Concept”. av M Dahllöv · 2015 · Citerat av 1 — Spinoza – den filosof som Deleuze höll högst av alla – är Deleuzes metafysik operates: at low intensities (near equilibrium) a nonlinear system will in effect be. av J Larsson · 2013 · Citerat av 1 — Keywords: Deleuze and Guattari, Jacques Rancière, Foucault, Discipline, sublima. Detta var hans eget arvegods efter Leibniz, Spinoza och Nietzsche: ett öga för stationary process at dizzying speed which sets free particles and affects.34.
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Deleuze, might be based on a particular reading of Spinoza's God as infinite through ideas of affections by which the body is affected» (E, II, Prop. 19). We.

Some translators, quite strangely, translate both in the same way. This is a disaster.

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the social body Althusser, Deleuze, and Negri on Spinoza and Marxism By affect I understand affections of the body by which the body’s power of acting is increased or diminished, aided or restrained, and at the same time, the ideas of these affections. –Spinoza, Benedict de. A Spinoza Reader: The Ethics and Other Works, Trans. by Edwin M

by Edwin M « Lectures croisées » de Spinoza et Deleuze : comment l’entendre ? D’abord, il s’agit de voir comment Deleuze a lu Spinoza : sur quels thèmes il s’est arrêté, à quels problèmes il a été sensible, et surtout comment le spinozisme a été décisif pour la constitution de sa propre philosophie, depuis Différence et Répétition jusqu’aux dernières œuvres.